NuStride Executive Coaching - British Columbia - Canada

We draw upon our extensive background in leadership, team development, change management, creating coaching cultures, and learning organizations development, to offer the following services:

  • Leadership and executive coaching
  • Creating a coaching culture in your organization
  • Team coaching and facilitation
  • Facilitation that creates learning organizations

Leadership and Executive Coaching

A definition of Coaching is:
A process to help move someone from a place they are currently residing in their personal or professional lives to a new level of performance

What NuStride offers is to help those who are wanting to move their leadership to the next level, to discover what is holding them back and set a course to reach that new level.

NuStride achieves its success using:

  • A safe environment for conversation
  • Tools that allow clients to better understand themselves
  • A focus on the barriers that prevent forward movement and determine their solutions

NuStride is then able to empower the leader to move forward with confidence

Coaching assessment tools help us to better understand:

  • Our values
  • What motivates us
  • Why we react the way we do

With numerous assessment tools at their disposal, the NuStride coaches have a number of opportunities to help clients better understand themselves. In addition, Bill and Catherine are certified facilitators for Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI).

Creating Coaching Cultures in your Organization

A coaching culture can be defined as a culture where people coach each other all the time as a natural part of meetings, reviews and one to one discussions of all kinds (Clutterbuck and Meginson, 2006).

An organization with a coaching culture prepares for the continuous change of today’s business world and meeting those future challenges head on.

NuStride offers an approach of determining what the needs are for the organization or team and a customized design of the specific delivery of tools via workshops that create this culture.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is the marriage of coaching techniques with facilitation skills. This produces a powerful product with similar results to coaching. There is:

  • A focus on what the team defines as its needs
  • Opportunities to explore the options available
  • The team has ownership of their actions and results

NuStride is also please to offer the Team Wellness Program. With this model and its tools, a team can ensure it is performing at a high level and maintain their intensity. It prevents the need for team building – proactive is preferred to being reactive!

Facilitation For Creating Learning Organizations

A learning organization has been defined as an organization that is continually expanding its capacity to create its future (Senge, 2006). It has also been defined as an organization that facilitates the learning of all its members and consciously transforms itself and its context (Pedler et al, 1997). The five critical components of a learning organization are systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, building a shared vision and team learning.

NuStride has been using facilitation tools which incorporate these critical components with teams and groups ranging from four to two hundred. Results include:

  • High degree of participant satisfaction
  • Significant increase in workplace engagement scores
  • Solid information for management teams to move forward

With this level of success, NuStride is confident about its ability to help facilitate a team or office to move to a learning organization and successfully address the adjustments working in a global economy requires.