Upcoming Events

There’s always something happening with NuStride. Stayed tuned to this page to find out what activities are taking place that you can take part in!

Moved June 2019 – Nustride is excited to announce it has moved to Vernon, BC. It continues to have strong roots in Prince George and is excited to move leaders and businesses in Okanagan area and across the province and Canada to find their ‘nu stride’!! Stay tuned for more developments!

February 22/13 – NuStride is honoured and appreciates the confidence of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce membership in being elected to a 2 year term on the Board of Directors. I’ll continue to honour that support in helping to develop our business community as an integral part of the total Prince George community!

April 27 – If you’re wanting to listen to NuStride’s interview on The Voice with Bev Collins on CFIS in Prince George, here’s a link to the podcast – feed://www.cfisfm.com/index.php?option=com_podcast&view=feed&format=raw . It was lots of fun, I was able to perform a few songs at the end and Bev & I discovered we were raised a few kilometers from each other and I attended school with her brothers 🙂 I will be putting up excerpts here on the site with some commentary over the next few weeks! Enjoy!

February 3, 2011 – hi everyone. Here’s the next excerpt of my radio interview with Kevin Plouffe of Investment Planning Council on Creating Successful New Years Resolutions! It deals with taking time to review, reflect and create an accountability partner. This can also be your coach!Review-Reflection-Accountability – Steps to Success

January 23, 2011 – here’s the second excerpt from my radio interview with Kevin Plouffe on Moving New Years Resolutions to Goals. This one is about assessing your Current Reality and how important that is to the coaching process! Current Reality Keep checking back for more topics over the next few weeks!

January 20, 2011 – On January 5th, NuStride spoke with Kevin Plouffe of IPC on Prince George’s local community radio station, CFIS. The topic spoke to Moving Your New Years Resolutions to Goals for 2011. This is the first excerpt we’ll be posting on the site. It’s talking about making SMART Goals for 2011. Enjoy!