What Others Are Saying

NuStride is proud of the progress its clients have made in moving forward. Here’s what some of them have to say of their experience with NuStride:

Katherine (Manager, University of British Columbia) – Of all the resources I was given as a new manager with UBC, Bill Quinn’s coaching has been the most effective tool, inspirational guidance and greatest asset to me.
With that great sense of humour of his, Bill has helped me to define my role, my goals and held me accountable which has greatly impacted my growth and future direction.
I’d highly recommend Bill – he’s an awesome coach!

Shelley (Director, retired, BC Government) – I wish I had had Bill as a coach earlier in my career. It would have made many parts of the journey less difficult for me … . If you’re looking for assistance with your leadership performance you would do well to spend some time with Bill. I’m glad I did!

Lorne (Clarke Action Photography) – Bill’s listening skills, words of encouragement and timely follow-up calls helped me expand my business. If you’re serious about business growth, a few coaching sessions with NuStride is a step in the right direction!

Josh (District Manager, BC Government) – Thanks to Bill’s coaching and support, I am armed with greater self knowledge and many more tools to assist me in furthering my personal and professional skills and growth.

Kathy, CHRP (Corporate Advisor, BC Government) – When it comes to passion for coaching, Bill Quinn exemplifies this. The result of Bill’s coaching expertise up front, helped my 11 person facilitation team effectively work together to deliver a leadership residency workshop that was rated 8.3/10 by participants. Bill’s focus was to set up our team for learning, reflection and action – this combination proved to be just the right mix.

Sue (Manager, United Way) РBill is an open, honest  and non-judgmental professional who provided me with the tools I needed to figure out my future!